What We Offer

  • Learn standard English from a native speaker!
  • Be prepared to take advantage of English-language
    opportunities in business, education, travel, and commerce.
  • English instruction for individuals over the Internet.
  • English-language translation and editing services.
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Why Come To Our School?

  • Experienced instructor, Columbia University graduate,
    Cambridge University CELTA certified
  • Deal directly with instructor—no middlemen for best
  • All instructional material included
  • Flexible schedule and hours of instruction
  • Expert English-language text editing
  • Easy to pay weekly or monthly with PayPal, wire, or other funds transfer services.
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English Language Instruction & Tutoring

  • All levels from an experienced instructor
  • All ages—children through adult
  • Customized for your needs and level
  • Skype over Internet
  • Click to hear two lesson excerpts!
  • No sure? Try a free 20 minute lesson

Competitive rates per lesson

  • $20/20€ first 1/2 hour, $15/15€ after for individual
  • You specify lesson length (minimum 1/2 hour)

Note: 1/2 hour lessons run approximately 25 minutes, 1 hour lessons approximately 55 minutes to allow for student transitions.

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Editing Services

  • Edit and correct English language text documents such as
    articles and reports
  • Edit and correct English language briefing charts (PowerPoint)

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Send a sample page or chart for free editing! You judge the
    quality for yourself!
  • Prompt return with a competitive estimate for the entire job
  • Cost based on document length, complexity, and turn-around

Send email with your sample to: info@danubelanguage.com

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English/Serbian Document Translation

  • Expert translation of documents
  • For further information contact us with details of your project for an estimate
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